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Ethical fashion, handcrafted in Kenya.



AGE: 22



We met Tuzo through Eva. The two of them have shared a long close friendship since they began studying fashion design at university. Born in Kisumu (western Kenya), moving across the country to the big city of Nairobi and running her own tailoring shop at only the age of 22, this lady is inspiring to say the least.

The quote "you are what you wear" suits her in the most positive way possible.  Her unique style is difficult to overlook. She Is easily the best dressed person in the room. Her Sense of style  reflects her creative talent perfectly.

 HER careful eye, seeking perfection in everything she creates, is an art in its own right. Her talent, elegance and determination have paved their way into the heart of our first collection and hopefully many more to come. 





"HEy IM TUzo. I'M a 22 year-old fashion designer based in nairobi kenya. i was born and raised in a small town in maseno, Kisumu county in kenya. i went to primary school and then joined secondary school where i proceeded to university and took a degree in the bachelor of fashion design and marketing for four years.

IT took a little time for my family  to adjust to the fact that I wanted to go into fAshion,  EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY IS A TEACHER AND I CONSTANTLY HAD TO SUBJECT MYSELF TO THE QUESTION 'SO WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT DEGREE?' BUT I PUSHED THROUGH AND I now own a shop where i design and produce garments for clients. I enjoy the stitching part of the production process so much. in my free time i like to draw, paint AND shop for fabrics, JUST for the thrill of it.  it's a world full of ENDLESS prints and colours, nevertheless, you have to settle for one though. OR DO WE?"