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Ethical fashion, handcrafted in Kenya.



Age: 24

Birthplace: Dagoretti Area Nairobi, Kenya

Profession: Fashion Designer and tailor

We had the idea of producing garments in the very early stages of our projects and our business in kenya, nevertheless it took us a while to find talented minds to work with. DESIGNING AND PERFECTING ENTIRE COLLECTIONS IS As NEW OF A TERRITORY FOR us as IT IS for Eva. HOWEVER, WE FIND IT MORE IMPORTANT TO GIVE A PLATFORM to YOUNG MOTIVATED WOMEN like her THAN well established designers.

We MEt Eva through having mutual friends in 2016 when we were looking for someone to make garments using traditional fabrics. we kNEW IMMEDIATELY  we had come across someone very special. SHE IS USUALLY LATE TO EVERY MEETING BUT SHE MAKES UP FOR IT WITH HER DETERMINATION AND MOTIVATION.

IN 2017 we asked her if she would embark on the journey of our first collection with us as our designer and tailor. SInce then she has become a true friend and partner on this creative adventure. It is so inspiring to work and connect with young Women like Eva that follow their path with great  positivity and perseverance . 




in her own words:

"I FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL IN 2011 AND MANAGED TO JOIN CAMPUS UNDER GOVERNMENT SPONSORSHIP TO PURSUE A DEGREE IN B.Sc fashion design and marketing at kenyatta university. this was a DISAPPOINTMENT to my mom because she wanted me to pursue a career in mathematics. 

my campus years were good. i had a baby in my third year. zania is now  3. i haven't graduated yet, but i will soon. ever since i was a kid i was interested in interior design. the only way i could have a career as an interior designer was to study fashion design as an entire course. during the years in campus i developed an interest for clothing design.

i used to go to Tuzo's place to stitch whenever we had projects since she was lucky enough to get her own sewing Machine before I did. I could say her machine taught me how to stitch. my mom saw how stressful it was for me so she bought me my own machine, which I'm thankful for every single day. I call it my second child. My stitching skills have earned me so much in the last three years. I can survive perfectly without being employed if I have my machine with me."